Acts 17:22-34

(Acts 17:22-34) – Communicating truth to a certain culture.

Imagine this picture….there is a giant circle, and every unsaved person on earth is inside that circle.

Each person is looking outward in a different direction, and the direction they are looking is determined by their worldview.

For example, buddhists looking north, atheists looking south, Hindus looking east, etc.

Christians are not in the circle because they’ve been saved from the circle. Not by looking outward, but by looking upward.

And now, we cannot re-enter the circle, but we can speak to the people in the circle.

Our goal is to get people to look up and find truth!

The thing that makes the most sense for us is to go to where someone is looking and communicate at that portion of the circle. If the Jews are looking west, then go to the west part of the circle and tell them to look up!

It makes little sense to stay on the east side and try to scream across the circle to get them to turn around.

The Gospel can meet people where they are. It’s our job to figure out how the Gospel can best (and most effectively) enter into a person’s thought process and deliver it accordingly.

I believe that this is what we see Paul doing here. He studied the Athenian worldview, and figured out how the Gospel could best meet them where they were, and He preached!

He didn’t preach to Greeks like they were Jews, or to Jews like they were Barbarians. He spoke in a way that would make sense in their context to achieve maximum impact.

Sounds like a good plan!


One thought on “Acts 17:22-34

  1. Time to listen to the voice of Jesus – not PAAL…..

    Poem – Looking forward (Rocky)

    Jesus never calls us out
    For what we used to be.
    His voice is so much greater
    Than paul the Pharisee.

    “You are Simon son of John”
    Said Jesus, without elaboration.
    No mention of a cloudy past
    No hint of condemnation.

    No accusation against the brothers
    No comments dark and obscure,
    Writing to the Church in Corinth
    “that is what some of you were.”

    Not the voice of the accuser,
    Boss Paul the Pharisee,
    Telling the redeemed people of God
    About what they used to be.

    Jesus never said right is wrong,
    He never said wrong is right.
    He came so we can turn from darkness
    And into His glorious light.

    “Neither do I condemn you” said Jesus,
    To a woman entrapped by dogs.
    The game the dogs play is the same today,
    Except now they do it on blogs.

    “Go, and sin no more” said Jesus,
    Don’t relive that history.
    Look forward, not back, don’t dwell on your past.
    “You will be called” Rocky.

    Looking forward – Chapter 2

    “I am he who searches hearts and minds”
    says the Risen Jesus Christ
    “Repent and do what you did at first”
    Don’t be lazy since He paid the price

    Yes, Jesus sees our sins today
    Don’t think that He is blind
    But the words of paul the Pharisee
    Will put you in a bind

    Jesus washed away your sins
    Don’t listen to paul the accuser
    paul abandoned the Church in Corinth
    And then paul became an abuser

    When you put your trust in Jesus
    Yes, your stains were white as snow
    You didn’t need to wear a Scarlet Letter
    Everywhere you go

    “I will repay each of you
    According to your deeds”
    This is Jesus speaking to The Church
    Not a business selling felt needs

    For “those who claim to be apostles”
    Jesus said they must be “tested”
    Priscilla, Aquila, and Apollos
    Persevered and were not bested

    They exposed the false teachings
    Of paul the Pharisee
    So the Church in Ephesus rejected paul
    And had a chance to be free

    All quotes in “Chapter 2” are the words of Jesus, in Revelation Chapter 2

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