Acts 19:1-22

(Acts 19:1-22) – "And the word of the Lord continued to increase and prevail mightily."

Lives radically changed, that is the staple of God's work.

Radical isn't subtle. It's loud, noticeable, and extreme.

That's what we see throughout the book of Acts. When someone has an encounter with Jesus, it changes them radically.

Look at some of the things being done in this section of Acts. Old ways were completely revoked and repented of. The things of their past were thrown to the side.

And it's (apparently) obvious to demons when someone is faking it! That's crazy.

Some Jewish exorcists saw the power of the Gospel through God's servants and wanted to have that power in their own lives, but for selfish reasons.

The demons didn't recognize these people because they weren't actually working for the Lord. Why would Satan's servants concern themselves with people who aren't making a difference for God?

So these men get beat up…

Wouldn't it be awesome to live your life in such a way that even demons recognized that you belong to God and that you're making a radical difference for Him??

How much sweeter to live a life that the King of the universe recognizes as faithful and honoring to Him!


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