Acts 20:1-12

(Acts 20:1-12) – Confidence in God's calling on your life.

After a major riot, Paul and his team continue to travel and share the good news about Jesus.

In Troas, Paul meets with the believers to encourage them and equip them with God's truth.

The text indicates that he talked for a LONG time. He talked well into the night. When you have something eternally good to share, you share it, no matter how long it takes.

And then, a young man sitting in the window falls asleep while Paul is preaching and falls out of a third story window….and dies….

How would you feel as a communicator if someone DIED while you were speaking??? BECAUSE of your speaking?!?!?

You'd think that Paul's confidence would be shattered, right? No! He doesn't make it a big deal. He just walks downstairs, raises Eutychus from the dead, and then KEEPS SPEAKING until morning.

It didn't phase him one bit. He was so confident in the Lord's calling on his life that even a situation like this couldn't stop him from serving.

When your confidence is in the Lord and what He's called you to, circumstances won't dictate your service. You'll serve no matter what people say about you or do to you.

It's just not about us. We keep pressing forward, knowing that God works through imperfect vessels.


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