Acts 20:25-38

(Acts 20:25-38) – "I did not shrink back from declaring to you the whole purpose of God."

In Paul's parting words to the Ephesian Pastors, there are several key points that he desires for them to remember.

They were now transitioning into a time where they would be without Paul's face-to-face ministry. God had prepared them for this, and it was time for Paul to move on.

To me, Paul's words resemble some of the parting words of Jesus. He reminds them of what he has equipped them with. He warns them about the dangers ahead, and he prays for them, committing them to the Father.

Imagine leaving a ministry knowing that you'd said and done everything you needed to say and do. Faithfulness is so important!

Paul could have peace knowing that whatever happened from this point on was in God's hands. He had done his part.

He didn't skip over the hard stuff in his teaching. He was God's servant as a teacher and didn't apologize for that.

In all this, his most lasting legacy would be his example. He left them with a template of how to conduct themselves. He was striving to be like Jesus, and that showed in a mighty way.

Be faithful where you are, so that when it comes time for God to move you somewhere else, you can say what Paul said.


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