Acts 23:1-10

(Acts 23:1-10) – Willingness to be corrected.

Sometimes as Christians, we can get into some unhealthy patterns that cause lots of trouble for us.

One of those is the inability to receive correction from others.

This happens as we are struggling with insecurity, idolatry, pride, and a host of others things.

When Christians get into positions of power, it can be easy to separate ourselves from those we're called to lead and think (even unintentionally) that we don't need constant shepherding like they do.

Paul wasn't that type of person. Even after having received a high level of authority from God in the Gospel work, he was still willing to receive correction from others.

And in this case, he was receiving it from someone who had just done wrong to him. The same people who unlawfully struck him on the mouth were the same ones that told Paul that what he was doing was wrong.

He could've come up with lots of excuses…"you just hit me for no reason," "I didn't know," etc…

But those excuses wouldn't have changed what happened. He owned it, and kept trying to be faithful to the Lord.

We need to be willing to be corrected by anyone, regardless of who they are. If they're right, we humbly accept it, repent, and move on. If they're wrong, we take it to the Lord and humbly ask for direction on where to go next.

Rest in what God says about you, and don't get such a big head that no one can tell you that something's wrong.


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