Acts 23:23-35

(Acts 23:23-35) – Powerful Protection

Even the Romans knew that Paul hadn't done anything deserving of death. This issue was strictly a theological one, a difference of belief.

So they made sure that Paul got to testify to the right people.

And God's provision of protection to ensure that included 470 Roman soldiers. Wow 😳

God works together the details of our stories so that we can have the maximum amount of opportunities to share the Gospel. And when He wants the Word to get out, it's getting out.

By the way, what do you think ever happened to those 40+ people who took that oath to kill Paul??? Hmmmmmm…

Luke's attention to detail serves (to me) as a great reason to believe in the legitimacy of this account. These details could easily have been fact-checked and proven to be false if Luke was lying.

But he wasn't. He was telling the sincere story of God's work through the life of Paul. A story of God using inconvenient happenings to bring about convenient opportunities to share.

The same power available and working through Paul at that time is available to us through God's Spirit in us. Amazing!


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