Acts 24

(Acts 24) – Letting the truth speak for itself

The way I picture this scene playing out has always made me chuckle.

On the one side, you have Tertullus, a lawyer trained in the art of persuasion and skilled with words. On the other side, you have Paul.

Tertullus does his very best to butter-up Governor Felix in an attempt to charm him and unfairly skew his opinion to his side of the case.

That's called manipulation, friends.

The reason I laugh is because I always picture Paul and Governor Felix seeing right through the facade and not giving any sort of positive expression toward the obvious attempt to sway the story.

Felix doesn't say anything following the accusations, and immediately turns to Paul, giving him the nod to rebuttal.

And here's what sticks out to me. Paul doesn't do any buttering, he just honors Felix in a simple way and then allows the truth to speak for itself.

I once heard someone say, "You don't ever have to defend a Lion, just let it out of the cage."

I think that's what Paul tries to do. He doesn't allow anything to get in the way of the truth, not even himself.

And that seems to have made an impression on Felix. The way that Paul conducted himself allowed him to have further conversations with the Governor and his wife.

He saw the difference in Paul.

We don't know if Felix ever got saved, but we do know that Paul was faithful with the witnessing opportunity that God brought his way. We need to do the same.

Let God take care of the rest.


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