Acts 25:1-12

(Acts 25:1-12) – "To Caesar you have appealed, and to Caesar you shall go."

Paul knew that his next goal was to get to Rome. He desperately wanted to share the Gospel there. It was the cultural and political epicenter for much of the known western world.

And yet, he faces all these steps along the way that could've been viewed as obstacles. They were slowing him down from reaching that goal.

He was on house arrest for 2 years!

Seeing how the account plays out in these verses makes me think that Paul could've pulled his "citizen card" out earlier. He appealed to Caesar, and they didn't put up a fight.

Even though Paul had the legal and political right as a Roman citizen to appeal to Caesar's courts, he remained still and trusted God's plan.

He didn't take things into his own hands. In many cases Paul leveraged his background, but only when it helped him better do what God had called him to do.

And in this case, instead of leveraging his background, he laid down his rights and submitted to the plan of God.

Seems like a good plan to me! God takes willing people and uses them in mighty ways!


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