Acts 26:1-18

(Acts 26:1-18) – Context, Context, Context.

The surrounding parts of a person's story make individual moments more understandable.

We have to give people opportunities to share context, because it makes a huge difference in how we see them and what they're doing

I think that's what happened with Paul in many of these instances where he got to share his story. People who had pre-conceived notions about him would've had their speculations crushed by the truth.

The truth has a funny way of reorganizing perspective. It shows the areas where we've created our own reality and where we've insisted upon believing lies.

Paul didn't have anything to be ashamed of, he lived his life with a good conscience before God and men, and because of that his testimony was bold and powerful.

I imagine that some listening to his words were immediately convicted of their malice toward him and repented on the spot. Maybe they even gave their life to the Lord.

But others (as we'll see later) were further hardened upon hearing Paul's story. When we continually rub up next to truth and don't respond in brokenness, we become hardened.

Don't let pride get in the way of accepting truth. Don't let hatred get in the way of truly seeing another person and God's work in their lives.


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