Acts 26:19-27:13

(Acts 26:19-27:13) – From one journey to the next.

It's clear that God's plan for Paul was to share the Gospel of Christ with King Agrippa, and the Lord was certainly working on his heart.

But Agrippa seems to have hardened his heart to the voice of God and pushes away the conviction to deal with it another time.

Today is the day of salvation.

Agrippa probably didn't expect to have those thoughts and emotion arise in the midst of a trial, but isn't it just like God to take an "ordinary" circumstance and work it to accomplish something eternal?

Maybe Agrippa eventually came to know Christ, we don't know. Paul was faithful with him as long as he was able, but it was time for Paul to move on.

God can use you wherever you are, but you won't be where you are forever. Redeem the time.

The next journey? Rome.

As we'll see again tomorrow, something ordinary like a boat ride can turn into more divine appointments for God's servants.

Everything happens for a reason!


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