Acts 27:14-29

(Acts 27:14-29) – "I have faith in God that it will be exactly as I have been told."

After not listening to Paul's counsel to stay in Crete, the men on the ship find themselves in a precarious situation.

They are at the mercy of the sea. They did all they could, but the force of the storm was much too powerful for them.

Thankfully, God is bigger than any storm.

He alone can guarantee safety when all seems lost. Notice how God brings His promise of deliverance after the people came to the realization that they couldn't save themselves.

Maybe if they humbled themselves sooner, none of this would've happened. Actually, that's exactly what Paul says…

So much of the danger we find ourselves in comes because we refuse to humble ourselves under God's mighty hand. We put ourselves in positions where pain is inevitable.

And God's desire is that we wouldn't experience that type of pain…wisdom can spare us from so much.

But he gifts us with a responsibility to make choices in life. A weighty thing, indeed. And even with that responsibility, God is still able to do ALL that He desires.

When we trust Him, that doesn't mean we'll never experience trouble (the shipwreck came after they humbled themselves). Couldn't God have made it so that the ship didn't have to crash and be lost? I wonder why it happened then….(think about it!)

There is a big difference between getting your knees cut up from a dumb choice, and getting your knees cut up in surgery.

Foolishness enters a storm because of stupidity, faith enters a storm because of sovereignty.


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