Acts 27:30-44

(Acts 27:30-44) – "And so it was that all were brought safely to land."

Everybody has a story, and God's promises meet us all at different parts of that story.

For some, they had little exposure to God, and this was a time of realizing for the first time that God is faithful.

For others, they'd seen the Lord at work before, and this was a time of realizing in a new and fresh way that God is STILL faithful.

Either way, both were able to see the character of God on display. They got themselves into a mess, and God had mercy on them.

God has so much that he wants to accomplish in each of our lives, and if we're paying attention, we'll grab onto to those sovereign purposes and encounter eternal joy.

Sometimes it takes a shipwreck for us to listen to God. And sometimes we ARE listening, but those God wants us to reach need the shipwreck. So He puts us in the pathway of their chaos so that we can be instruments of His grace.

Whose ship has God put you on? Who are you called to reach? Are you prepared to be God's servant in another person's life when things get crazy for them (and therefore, crazy for you).


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