Acts 28

(Acts 28) – The mission keeps going.

The way that Luke chooses to end this account is a great way to tie together what was started in chapter 1

Jesus gives the commission to His Apostles, that they would be His witnesses all over the world. Now, we see that coming to fruition as Paul arrives in Rome and begins sharing with people who've never heard the Gospel clearly before.

God's promise was fulfilled, Paul made it to Rome. What a cool thing for us to see, God always comes through!

The book of Acts ends with an open ended feel. You get to see that God's work is just getting started.

There is a church planting network in the States called "Acts 29." With only 28 chapter in the book of Acts, the idea is that our work today is the continuation of what began in the early church.

And that's exactly right. Our lives today are to be lived as Missionaries carrying the Gospel to our Jerusalem, Judea/Samaria, and then to the far reaches of the Globe.

Thank God for Luke, that he spent his life recording the amazing works of God through a faithful servant. Not only that, but that he spent his life making sure that this faithful servant was healthy and effective. What a friend!

Be that kind of friend, be this kind of missionary. And just like Paul and his team, we'll see the incredible journey that the Lord brings us on.

Let's get to work!


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