2 Peter 1:10-14

(2 Peter 1:10-14) – Readiness and Reminders

Verses 10-11 are interesting, and it covers a topic that was confusing to me for a long time.

In the Gospel of John, the Apostle writes so that people may believe in Jesus as the Son of God. He writes so that people can become Christians.

In John 1, the same Apostle writes so that people can be confident in their faith in Jesus as the son of God. He writes so that people can be sure that they are Christians.

See the difference? One deals with initial belief, and the other deals with confidence, or assurance.

Peter is dealing with assurance, as well. His desire (as stated in verse 8) was that Believers would be useful for God's work. Motivated by the love that Christ has for us, we are to work hard at being confident that we are Christians.

If we belong to Jesus, but are not living like it, WE cannot have very much assurance. If we are living like it, WE can have much assurance.

The reason I emphasize the word "we" is because assurance is only needed by people with limited knowledge. God, being omniscient, needs no assurance. He knows fully.

As true Christians with much assurance, we have the ability to step into God's eternal kingdom with confidence that we are entering well.

We keep ourselves from being deceived when all of this is because of what is mentioned by Peter in verses 1-9.

Peter finishes the section by reminding these believers that reminders are good and needed. It's good to be reminded of truth. Paul says that it is a safeguard for us when we are reminded of the realities of eternal things.

Peter wanted to be so faithful that even after he was gone, people would be able to remember the things that he had said.

It's a good reminder for me, too.


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