2 Peter 3:1-6

(2 Peter 3:1-6) – When they maintain this, it escapes their notice…

Back in Peter’s day, there were some pointed objections made by mockers of the Faith that Peter wanted to defend against.

The first was uniformitarianism. That’s a long word that describes the belief that everything in the universe has been happening consistently from the dawn of time until now.

Sound familiar?

When Christians made declarations about the return of Christ and the coming judgment, these mockers sneered at them, thinking that all things have been exactly as at the beginning.

This is the thought of modern day evolutionists, a world shaped by slow changes over billions of years.

But when they think this, there are some things that they’re missing. And Peter’s indication is that they are doing so deliberately.

They don’t want to know the truth.

The catastrophic changes that took place to the world during the global flood of Noah’s day were absolutely mind-bending. The world that existed beforehand was gone, and by the global flood a new world was formed.

It happened then, and it will happen again, not by flood, but by fire.

The return of Christ will be a catastrophic event, negative for His enemies, but salvation for His children.

We need these reminders. It stirs us up to obedience.


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