Proverbs 2:10-22

(Proverbs 2:10-22) – The power of discretion

Discretion is defined as prudence, or deliberation, specifically over circumstances of life.

Discretion is when you make a decision to do or to not do something because of how it will affect your purpose in life.

Discretion allows someone to make decisions that will help them accomplish a goal or a plan. It sifts out the unnecessary things and brings into focus that which will push you forward.

Discretion is not just about choosing between right and wrong, it’s about choosing between good, better, and best.

Solomon is setting up the need for such a virtue by displaying what happens to those who have it and those who don’t.

Having it produces rewards and life, lacking it produces destruction.

Not only will discretion lead you away from the paths of death, it will lead you into the paths of life.

Discretion is all about walking in wisdom, something that’s only possible with the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Get discretion by spending time with God and His word, you’ll be so glad you did!


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