Proverbs 5

(Proverbs 5) – Sin isn’t worth it.

Sin is tempting, it seems like it’s a good idea in the moment. But in the end, it’s not worth it.

It creates heartache, relational strife, and personal destruction. It separates us from God and from those we love.

It makes us unlovely, pushing us into habits that the Lord hates.

And in the context of this passage, sin (especially sexual sin) ruins marriages.

Why go out and steal from a broken cistern when you have an overflowing one at home?

Adultery happens when someone sees the grass on the other side as greener.

When someone thinks that the temporary and fleeting pleasures of an affair are better than the loving commitment of a God-ordained covenant, there exists a serious hardening of the heart.

God sees everything, we can’t hide from Him. Stick to holiness, although it’s tougher in the moment, it ends terrifically. We have to look at things with an eternal perspective.


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