Proverbs 7:1-18

(Proverbs 7:1-18) – The Wiley Harlot

Solomon continues these opening chapters with the exhortation to take hold of wisdom. His teaching to his son should be a huge thing to focus on as he grows.

Solomon knew from his own father how adultery and lust can ruin someone’s life. David paid a huge and terrible price for a moment of pleasure.

As will be articulated later on in this chapter, the man who runs after lust is like an animal who has no idea that it is being carried away to his own death.

When we’re in the throngs of temptation, it is sometimes difficult to step back and consider the consequences of our choices. We often don’t think about how sin affects us tomorrow, we just think about what we want in the moment.

Adultery throws away a lifetime of love for a moment of lust. A short amount of time coupled with brazen sinfulness leads to a world of pain.

It’s just not worth it. We need truth to help remind us of that.

Friends, if you’re married, I don’t care how much struggle you’re going through, don’t even think about it. Adultery is suicide.

If you’re not married, get this engrained into your mind.

For all of us, know that Satan desires to destroy our lives. He wants us to be adulterers of God and leave an eternity of love for momentary and fleeting pleasures.

Keep God’s teaching close to you, and take His word on this.


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