Proverbs 10:1-10

(Proverbs 10:1-10) – Contrasting the righteous and the wicked

Here begins a new section of Proverbs, marked by an additional heading noting these as belonging to Solomon (yet again).

These statements give a conglomeration of Solomon’s wisdom accumulated over his lifetime.

Some of the proverbs are more obvious in their meaning and in their subsequent application, while others make big-picture statements of reality meant to give you a wise perspective with which to walk.

After reading each proverb, there’s an initial thought that usually comes to my mind. I’ll share them here.

1 – More than anything else, what should make parents happy is seeing their kids walking in wisdom. That’s true success.

2 – Righteousness is infinitely more valuable than money. Money can’t save you from death

3 – God always provides us with what we need. The wicked won’t ultimately get what they want.

4 – Hard work pays off

5 – You gotta eat while the cooking’s hot (another metaphor)

6 – it’s so much better to be able to live life without hiding

7 – legacies expand over time, whether positive or negative.

8 – Learners are listeners

9 – Your sin will always find you out. Always

10 – When we’re not clear about our intentions, bad things happen!


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