2 Corinthians 4:8-18

(2 Corinthians 4:8-18) – Focusing on eternal things.

The Christian life is the most emotionally complex life that one can possibly live.

In one moment, we simultaneously experience the realities of our glorious salvation and the realities of the terrifying future of the lost.

It’s tough to deal with those conflicting emotions sometimes. Not just because of that reality for others, but because personally we experience a lot of conflicting emotions too.

That seems to be Paul’s focus here. If we’re honest, Life is hard and we go through a lot of moments in life that are undesirable.

The biggest difference between how WE handle that and how the world does SHOULD be that we never allow those undesirable moments to define us and rule our lives.

We take trials in stride, because we have hope in the eternal God of the universe.

We never give up, because we know that this life is NOT all there is. There IS a future for us where all wrong is righted.

Every hurt, every tear, every painful experience all gathers together and makes the moment of seeing Jesus face-to-face that much sweeter.

If we focus on physical, temporal things, the emotional complexity becomes emotional destruction. If we focus on spiritual, eternal things, the emotional complexity can become a testimony of God’s goodness in the midst of hard things.

So don’t let hurt and pain that is confined to this life control how you live your life. Allow your hope and eternal expectation to be the focus, because in that God’s glory shines!


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