2 Corinthians 10

(2 Corinthians 10) – Boasting in the Lord.

Paul again journeys to describe his personal ministry in the face of scoffers who disregard him and the work he does.

Paul didn’t have to do this, he didn’t have to defend himself, but as I’ve mentioned before, he wasn’t doing it for his sake, but for God’s sake.

Because Paul had such a unique and special ministry given to him by the Lord, these attacks on him and his character were really attacks on the Lord and His wise choice.

Paul’s ministry was one of truth, fighting against deception and helping to bring thoughts in line with Christ’s perfect obedience.

He didn’t fight like humans do, but fought with God’s mighty weapons to bring down the folly of human-centered reasoning and thoughts that sought to overthrow God’s authority.

He was a man who said what needed to be said in the way that it needed to be said. He wasn’t fearful of human opinion. He delivered God’s message regardless of the consequence.

His boast was in the Lord alone. The main thing that made him proud was His God.

We should be the same, not looking at life like men so often do (ourward appearance), but with the eternal wisdom of the word of God.


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