Leviticus 23:15-22

(Leviticus 23:15-22) – The Feast of Fifty

Originally known as the feast of weeks, this passage lays out what we now know as Pentecost (which means fiftieth day).

Pentecost is a very special day for Christians because it marks the beginning of the church in Acts 2. It’s the day that the Spirit of God was first poured out on believers with signs and wonders to indicate a special new happening.

Pentecost originally was a celebration of the giving of the law, which first happened 50 days after the initial Passover in Egypt. The hasty escape from Egypt was over and the people were free.

In addition to that, it was a thanksgiving of sorts for what God was providing in their grain harvest.

The people were to bring meat offerings to the Lord, and something else of great importance.

Two loaves of bread.

Why is that important, you ask? Because of the symbolic connection to the birth of the church.

The two distinct loaves of bread were to be brought together as one joint offering to God, signifying Jews and Gentiles being brought together as one body of believers (the church).

Also, the day of the outpouring of God’s Spirit was the ushering in of a new time period in which people would interact with God according to a new law.

The first Pentecost after Passover gave the Israelites the law of Moses, and the first Pentecost after the resurrection gave the church the law of the Spirit.

It’s still so amazing to me the amount of symbolism involved in each of these feasts. Remember that Leviticus was written over 3400 years ago…

God knows and sees everything, nothing surprises Him.

Thank the Lord for the Spirit of God living in you. Thank the Lord that He brought us all together as one people, Jews and Gentiles alike.


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