Leviticus 26:32-46

(Leviticus 26:32-46) – Sin is betrayal.

Knowing the rest of Israel’s history makes these warnings look more like prophecies!

This is exactly what happened to Israel! They were exiled and put to shame for their hostility towards the Lord.

What sticks out to me is in verse 40. God calls the sin of the people some very serious titles.

Betrayal, unfaithfulness, hostility.

The Israelites didn’t recognize their sin like this though. They were pursuing their own desires and pleasures without consideration for what they were doing to God.

Some knew exactly what they were doing, and did it anyway. These are the truest and most serious betrayals of all. When we know better and choose wrong anyway, that’s the worst.

Remember that all the discipline of the Lord comes for the purpose of redemption. He desperately wants for His people to be right with Him.

After all of these measures are taken, and the people are at absolute rock-bottom, then they will recognize that their sin is what God says it is.

It doesn’t have to get to that point though, we can’t repent and obey as soon as we get off track! Mercy and grace are waiting and available!


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