Judges 2:1-12

(Judges 2:1-12) – Forgetting and Forsaking.

Judges is a fascinating book. It speaks of a time in Israel’s history where (for hundreds of years) the people were in a very noticeable cycle of behavior.

The start of this time period is marked by the death of Joshua.

After successfully being brought into the promised land, they set out to take over the land that the Lord had given them.

The text is clear, while Joshua was alive and leading the people, they served the Lord. His leadership was powerful and influential on the nation. He served faithfully after Moses and did what the Lord asked him to do.

Leadership is critical.

When Joshua died, there came a generation of people who hadn’t seen the amazing works that God had done. They didn’t know the Lord like the previous generation.

It’s not entirely their fault. It should be noted that every generation needs to prepare the next generation to follow the Lord.

We all have a personal responsibility to make our own choices, but we should do our best to carry the knowledge and love for God that we have into the next line of people.

This didn’t happen for them. They forgot what the Lord had done.

Forgetting God leads to forsaking God.

This is the beginning of the cycle here in Judges.

The people forget God’s work, they forsake Him, then they get disciplined, they cry out for help, God sends a redeemer, the people walk with God for a time, then they forget…

And the cycle continues….7 times in this book to be exact.

There is a pointed connection in the Scriptures between remembrance and obedience. Stopping to recall the work of God in our lives helps us keep Him at the forefront so that we may better respond to Him.

Don’t forget all that the Lord has done for you. Write it down, make it noticeable, talk about it, meditate on it.

Don’t forget!


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