Judges 2:13-23

(Judges 2:13-23) – A vicious cycle.

You’d think that with an explanation this clear of what sin was doing to them that Israel would repent and obey the Lord.


It’s painfully obvious throughout this passage that the people of Israel WANTED to rebel. They were looking for opportunities to do what they wanted instead of what God wanted.

We are not unlike Israel.

Even when God sends us clear indications of His hand of discipline, we often ignore it.

Even when God sends us servants of His grace to reach out to us, we often ignore it.

Even when it gets to the point where God is actively working against us to get our attention, we often ignore it.

And the reason why is the same for them and us…we love our sin.

John Calvin once said that our hearts are idol making factories. Another way you could say that is “our hearts are always looking for things to worship that aren’t God.”

The vicious cycle of Judges comes because of this reality. Although outward behavior may change for a period of time, the cycle doesn’t break without a change in the object of inward worship.

Every moment that we chase frivolity, foolishness, and futility is coupled with a moment that we are being chased by grace, mercy, and love.

God never stops pursuing the ones He loves. His love is unconditional, and I’m thankful for that!

But let’s go ahead and quit chasing idols, okay?


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