Judges 9:1-41

(Judges 9:1-41) – The rule of Abimelech

After refusing to become king, Gideon sees one of his sons attempt to seize an opportunity to gain prominence and power.

Abimelech wants to be a king, and essentially asks a favor of family in order to make that happen.

Doing favors for family can come back to haunt you if they’re not trusted people.

His first decision as king was to hire lawless men with the money given to him by the people.

When you have a leader who takes the generosity of the people and uses it for their own selfish purposes, you have a problem.

Abimelech was obviously insecure about the power he’d just received. He went to kill his 70 brothers as a way of clearing the path so that there was no resistance.

The youngest brother, Jotham, escapes and shouts out a timely parable from the top of Mt. Gerizim.

Its essence is this: When Israel was pushing to have a human king at this time, there were many good options to start. Those options however, pushed back on those requests by leading the people towards the Rulership of God.

Abimelech did not. He welcomed the “human worship” and even threatened his way into it.

Jotham asks the right question…if you’ve done right by Gideon in doing this, then great. If not, then know that you’re making a big mistake by spurning the one who saved your life.

Great consideration should always be given for how our actions will be seen by the One who saved us.

If we are doing right by Jesus in what we’re doing, then great. If not, we’re making a mistake.

The filter is Christ. Am I doing right by Him?

Israel fought for what they wanted even at the cost of disobedience to the Lord, May we not do the same.


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