Judges 10

(Judges 10) – “So I will not rescue you anymore…”

Again Israel finds themselves in a place of great distress because of their sin and idolatry.

It was in the midst of experiencing the consequences of their sin that they realized what a terrible idea it was to disobey the Lord.

It shouldn’t have to be that way. We shouldn’t have to stand in the middle of a fire to know that it will burn us.

And yet, here they are, in the middle of the fire yet again. And as it’s burning around them, they cry out to the Lord.

But God says he won’t rescue them anymore….and that’s terrifying.

He even goes so far as to tell them to go the gods they were worshipping earlier for rescue…since they’re so “worthy”

I fear this for my country in a lot of ways. If America has self-inflicted wounds, and only cries out to God in the midst of them, it may be that God tells America to go the gods they’ve chosen instead of Him when looking for rescue.

It’s not because God is being cold that He says this…He is showing the people the foolishness of their ways and how there is no other God like Him.

We don’t really understand what His GOD-ness means a lot of times. We don’t really understand all the things that He does for us as GOD.

We think that we provide for ourselves in more ways than we really do. Acts 17:25 says that “He himself gives life and breath to everything, and he satisfies every need.”

And in this instance, He is more than willing to be their rescuer, but He wants to make sure that it’s HIM that they want to rescue them…

Because every other time….they seem to give credit to pieces of wood for things that the Creator of the Universe accomplished.

Be careful not to do the same.


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