Judges 11:29-33

(Judges 11:29-33) – Making promises to God.

In this passage, Jephthah is filled with the Spirit of God, who leads him right to the edge of the Ammonite Camp.

And it’s at this juncture that he makes a promise to God.

Most of the time, we make promises to God when we want Him to do something for us. It’s an “If You do this for me, I’ll do this for You” sort of thing.

And the size of the promise on our end is usually affected by how badly we want God to do something for us.

If we want God to do something REALLY badly, we’ll usually make a BIG promise.

And sometimes, we don’t realize just how big of a promise we’re making.

Especially when God holds us to that promise.

Jephthah says that if God delivers the Ammonites into his hand, he will offer as a burnt offering whatever (or whoever) first meets him when he returns home in peace.

Wow. That’s serious. And that means that Jephthah wanted this victory REALLY badly.

When you’re willing to sacrifice ANYTHING for something you want, that usually means that the thing you want is your primary love.

And sometimes, that’s not a good thing (you’ll see why tomorrow)

It’s one thing if God is the ones who asks you to make a sacrifice, but it’s another thing when YOU are the person saying that to God.

We have to caution ourselves here. When making these massive declarations to the Lord, we may be biting off more than we can chew. We can’t keep every promise we make. Only God can do that.

Be careful in making promises to God. Don’t boast about tomorrow.

Because you have no idea what tomorrow will bring…

And neither did Jephthah.


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