Judges 12:1-7

(Judges 12:1-7) – War of Words

Just like with Jephthah, Ephraim gets themselves into trouble with their words.

But for Jephthah, the shoe is on the other foot.

The lesson he learned was on full display as 42,000 people lose their lives because of careless words.

James was right when he said that our tongues are like a fire than destroy us completely (James 3).

The theme I continue to see is godlessness…people being ruled by their flesh and paying the consequence for it.

There are flashes of spirit-filled living, but the overall tone is that of a nation who has lost their way…

And it’s because they’ve forsaken their God…

I will say this about Ephraim, they were overly sensitive and over-reacted to something petty. They got offended by something small and were willing to kill over that little offense.

And in reality, they were the ones in wrong, not Jephthah.

Sound familiar? Human nature doesn’t change.

A world without God’s leadership is a world of chaos. It’s a world where human flourishing just can’t happen.


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