Judges 14:5-20

(Judges 14:5-20) – Going downhill

So all these things that Samson wasn’t supposed to do…

Yeah…he did them…

Not supposed to touch a dead carcass, but he did that. And He was proud about it.

Not supposed to marry foreign women, but he did that.

Not supposed to take strong drink, but he did that.

And He was supposed to deliver Israel FROM the Philistines, not marry one of them and party like them.

These were his choices, things that he thought would be a good idea in the moment.

But his nagging Philistine wife proved to be a downfall to him. He could beat any man in battle, but he was taxed by the nagging of this Philistines woman.

And at the end of this party, he was so frustrated that he left his wife, married her off to his best man, and went to live back home with his parents.

Sin just complicates things. It’s tougher to say yes to God in the beginning, but it’s always better in the end.

Just say yes!


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