Judges 15

(Judges 15) – Samson’s Revenge.

After spending some time back home with his parents, Samson returns for his philistine wife.

And when he does, he finds that she’s been married off by her father.

As one might expect, he gets pretty upset about that.

His response to the wrong done to him? Revenge.

That doesn’t usually end well.

Revenge is a dangerous thing to play with. It can consume us to the point of destruction.

Samson had his great strength to bail himself out whenever things got dicey, but we don’t.

Revenge (returning evil for evil) is never God’s heart. It’s just not what He wants.

And even though the result of this revenge led to the destruction of many Philistines, the ends don’t justify the means.

God’s will can be accomplished ultimately and He still be displeased with some of the steps that were taken along the way.

Revenge isn’t the answer, ever.


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