Judges 16:18-31

(Judges 16:18-31) – “he did not know that the Lord had left him.”

When we continually come in contact with truth, but don’t respond to it, our hearts become calloused.

A calloused heart isn’t sensitive to the leading of God’s Spirit. It doesn’t notice when the Lord is intervening to bring it back in repentence.

And eventually, after much loving discipline, the Lord may give someone over to the desires of their heart.

And if they’ve become extremely calloused, they won’t even notice that God has left.

This is what happened to Samson.

He’d followed his lusts for a long time. They became his God.

The harder the heart, the more painful it is when the Lord breaks through.

For Samson, it took having his eyes gouged out, his strength being taken away, and being made slave to get his attention.

And he finally cried out to the Lord.

But at this point, the consequences of his choices had brought him to a very dark place.

And he loses his life.

Don’t ignore the Lord and harden your heart. You don’t want to get to a place where (because of your choices) the path of repentance is excruciatingly painful.


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