Galatians 2:15-21

(Galatians 2:15-21) – I have been crucified with Christ.

The central message of Galatians isn’t more clearly stated than in these verses. We are justified by faith in Christ and not by works.

And in that justification, there are some theological things that have taken place to our spiritual position as people.

When we trust in Christ by faith, God declares (from His position as Righteous Judge) that the death of Christ will count as our death too.

The penalty that we deserved was taken care of in Christ’s sacrifice.

And in a true substitution, God declares that the perfect life of Jesus will count as our life too.

All of Christ is given to all of me.

We can’t do anything to contribute to God’s saving work. It’s 100% His work that makes us able to come into His presence.

So does focusing on faith in Christ mean we abandon the law? Absolutely not.

If coming to faith in Christ meant that we needed to abandon the law, then Christ would be encouraging us to sin. And He doesn’t do that.

Paul wasn’t going to go back to teaching that the law could save. He wasn’t abandoning the law totally, He was just abandoning his hope that it could save him.

Coming to faith in Christ actually creates a desire to keep God’s law. The reason, however, is because we love God and ALREADY have His love.

We don’t keep God’s law to earn His love. We already have it.


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