Galatians 3:1-16

(Galatians 3:1-16) – Faith brings righteousness

Paul has made it clear…there’s nothing that we can do to contribute to God’s saving work for us. In order to be justified in the sight of Almighty God, we must completely trust in Him alone.

There were people who attempted to sway others into thinking that Christ’s sacrifice wasn’t enough…They said that you had to do something in addition to what Christ did on the Cross for salvation to truly take place.

Another falsehood that was being believed was that after coming to Christ in a position of total reliance on Him, you could daily walk with God in a position of self-reliance.

Paul recognized this as being ridiculous.

I come to Christ through faith, AND I walk with Christ through faith.

We should always be reliant upon Him!

The Patriarch Abraham’s blessing came through faith, and ours does too.

God’s law was never meant to bring salvation, it was meant to reveal our need for salvation.

Relying upon the law to bring salvation is a curse. The law demands perfection, and looking to it for life will ultimately bring about your destruction.

We can’t be perfect.

Christ fulfills the law for us, thus releasing us from the curse of the law (demanding perfection of sinners), and then allows us to live a life of faith (trusting in Him)

When we do that, Christ leads us into obedience to the law, therefore upholding the law and not diminishing it’s importance.


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