Galatians 4:1-7

(Galatians 4:1-7) – Adoption as Sons

Think of the implications of this…you and I are sons of God.

I only say sons because of the imagery that Paul is choosing to invoke here based on the theological realities surrounding adoption and inheritance.

In the first century, the first born son was the major focus of the father’s inheritance. Fair or not, daughters got the short end of the inheritance stick at this time of history.

Paul’s point is to illustrate that in Christ, we have received the full extent of inheritance blessing. Everything that Christ has as the “only begotten Son” we now have as co-heirs with him.

All of the spiritual blessings that the saints of the OT longed for during their earthly life is available to us because of unmitigated access to the Father through the indwelling Holy Spirit of God.

We are no longer enslaved by the curse of the law, which demands perfection of us.

Christ’s perfection counts for us.

What are you doing today with the wealth given to you by God in your eternal inheritance?

Let’s not waste it!!


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