Matthew 1

(Matthew 1) – The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Matthew, a former tax collector turned faithful disciple, pens this Gospel letter with the Jewish people heavily in mind.

He wrote this to an audience who was familiar with the Old Testament and was eagerly looking for their promised Messiah.

In the letter, we see threads of Old Testament prophecy spread throughout the entire book, 96 quotations to be exact, which is the most for the gospel accounts and 2nd most of all the books in the entire New Testament.

Because the Jewish people believed that the OT was inspired by God (thus being authoritative), this was a wise approach to evangelizing this group.

Matthew’s hope was to connect the Jewish people with their Messiah.

Legitimizing the authenticity of messianic claims was of first priority, which is why he begins with a genealogy.

This line connects Jesus to Abraham, Judah, and King David, necessary components to fulfill OT prophecy.

It showed that Jesus had legal rights to the throne of David.

Each person in the genealogy played a part in God’s special plan to bring the Messiah into the world.

If you go back and look through each of their stories, you see that none of them were perfect, some made big mistakes, but most allowed God to work through their lives.

Each life is important, and God cares about every person. He knows each of their names and has a unique purpose for their life. Genealogies aren’t there just to skip over.

Joseph and Mary did as the Lord commanded, thus allowing God to do as He pleased.

This is the essence of obedience, saying yes to God and getting out of His way.

Long live the King!!


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