Matthew 2

(Matthew 2) – A Crazy Christmas.

So much surrounded the nativity scene we so often look upon during the Christmas season.

It’s clear that these visiting wise men wouldn’t have arrived until many months after Jesus’ birth.

They were coming from the Far East, presumably from Babylon. It’s a looooooong trip to Israel from there.

The prophet Daniel likely had the Hebrew Scriptures with him when being sent into exile. Because of his life and testimony, he would’ve been able to influence a new generation of thinkers and leaders who would’ve known of Daniel’s God and His Scriptures.

These men, generations later, followed prophecies from Numbers 24:17 about the Star, along with several others from Isaiah, Micah, and Daniel to get to Israel when they did.

And all this commotion was scaring Herod. He ruled from a position of fear and attempted to hold his power by instilling fear in others.

He was so insecure that he felt threatened by a baby!

And this baby, our King, will rule with love and justice. He won’t instill fear (unhealthy fear) in His servants, He will strike fear in the hearts of His enemies.

Because He is God.

Jesus and his earthly parents follow the direction of God’s messengers and move out to Egypt and then to Galilee, all fulfilling prophecies from long ago.

Long live the King!


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