Matthew 4:12-25

(Matthew 4:12-25) – Jesus’ early ministry

After news broke out that John the Baptist had been taken into custody, Jesus moves from Nazareth to a town along the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee called Capernaum.

Luke 4:16-30 tells us that the ministry of Christ had been rejected in Nazareth, his hometown, after He’d read from a prophetic passage in Isaiah about Him being the promised Messiah.

They even tried to kill him.

But Jesus wasn’t done with the work His Father had given him to do, so He moved on.

The other Gospel accounts, Luke’s especially, indicate that Jesus already had a presence in these Galilee towns. He’d already taught and ministered there before.

He settled in Capernaum not only because it was a strategic town on the northern trade route of the Galilee, but because this was the home of his first disciples.

Peter, Andrew, John, and James all lived in Capernaum.

And they were very familiar with who Jesus was.

In Jewish life, most young men only went back to their family trade (fishing, in this case) if they were rejected as a rabbinical prospect. Only the best and brightest made it to study under a Rabbi.

This is why it’s not a stretch to see these 4 guys dropping everything to follow Jesus. A well respected Rabbi wanted a bunch of rejects to be His long-term followers?!? I’m in!

Their parents would’ve been thrilled for them.

This was a mark of Jesus’ ministry…reaching out to rejects and giving grace to the humble.

This is the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry, and it got enormous very quickly!

Here comes the King!


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