Matthew 6

(Matthew 6) – Sermon on the Mount – Part 2

Jesus didn’t want a show, He wanted people who would love God and obey Him because of that.

Many Christians every day (myself included) struggle with practicing righteousness to be seen. We love human praise.

We often seek out our own reward instead of trusting God for His.

And when we do that, our reward is the only thing we’ll get…nothing more.

God’s reward is infinitely better than anything we can come up with.

In addition, Our prayers should be focused on God, surrendered to His will, and acknowledging His Kingship.

As a follower of Jesus, we must be fully devoted to Him alone. Anytime we have something else in our lives that competes for our affection, it threatens to move us away from our love for Christ.

Ultimately, love for God and full devotion to God should lead to a quenching of anxiety. When we believe in and commit ourselves to the Sovereign God of the universe, we know that there’s nothing to fear.

So much else could be said here but the essence is this: live for the King, love the King, trust the King


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