Matthew 7

(Matthew 7) – Sermon on the Mount – Part 3

These are the highlights to me from this chapter

Jesus wasn’t against accountability, He was against unjust scales of judgment. When someone holds another person to a different standard than they hold themselves to, that’s a problem.

God isn’t hiding himself, He wants to be found. He’s not a “bait-and-switch” God, He gives good gifts to His kids.

Even though salvation is for everyone, the path of righteousness will be found by very few people. It’s one of the worst tragedies in history.

Some will even be surprised when God tells them they are eternally separated from Him. They put their hope in their own righteousness instead of Christ’s.

Don’t be naive. Look at the fruit of a person’s life to see who they really are, then you can know who you can trust and follow.

Don’t build the foundation of your life on foolish things, it has the appearance of a structure but trials destroy it easily. Put your hope in the Anchor of our souls and build your life on the rock of God’s wisdom.

Follow the King!


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