Matthew 9:1-26

(Matthew 9:1-26) – Miracles and Ministry of the Messiah – Part 2

The religious leaders always seemed to have a problem when Jesus did something to display goodness. It took the attention away from themselves.

They especially had a problem when He claimed deity and acted in divine authority. They didn’t believe He was the Christ.

They didn’t like that he was eating with sinners…but if Jesus never ate with sinners, He’d always eat alone.

They held on to their old ways of thinking, and tried to mix them with the new teaching that Christ was bringing. It wouldn’t work.

Jesus’ focus was on others, not Himself.

Even while Jesus was on His way to heal someone, he made time for a woman who was desperate for healing and needed Him.

We go out to serve others, but we also serve AS we are going.

Don’t miss ministry on the way to minister. Don’t pass over people just because they’re not at your final destination.

Allow for interruptions. Be open to God’s plan in every moment.

Be wise with your time, but know that God is allowed to change things up and take you where He wants you to go.


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