Matthew 10:32-42

(Matthew 10:32-42) – The cost of following Jesus

Being a committed disciple of Jesus will bring hardship and trial. It won’t always be “easy” to be a Christian.

Sometimes, it will create precarious situations with our families. They desire for us to do one thing, but God instructs us to do another.

One of the consequences to following Jesus may be that our families are split apart. It’s not because we want them to or that we’re doing something to push them away, it’s that making God your highest priority may cause family to get upset and push YOU away.

One of my youth leaders growing up was disowned by his family, kicked out of the house, and became homeless as a teenager because He gave His life to Jesus.

There’s millions of other stories just like that.

God is the God of peace, and He came to bring peace to the hearts of men personally, but He didn’t come to bring peace on the earth.

Not yet, anyway.

Choosing to worship Christ is an eternally rewarding decision, but it does bear some earthly consequences.

Jesus wants us to decide what’s most important…Him? Or someone else?

Our answer to that is critical.

Is Jesus your absolute highest treasure? Is His voice the one you most closely listen to and obey?


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