Matthew 11

(Matthew 11) – Jesus gives rest.

My highlights from the chapter:

Jesus answered John’s doubts with prophetic scripture. The proof of His person was in His deeds.

If first place on earth means last place in heaven, then I want to be last. Jesus exalts the humble and humbles those who exalt themselves.

Israel’s choices mattered during Jesus’ life. They didn’t have to reject Him, but they ultimately chose to.

Wisdom is shown by the deeds that come from it. Folly is shown by the same.

Seeing isn’t believing. Believing is seeing.

Jesus gives rest to weary souls. All who run to Him for satisfaction with receive it eternally.

A couple questions..

What would Jesus’ comments be if He were speaking out about us the way He did with John? Would His comments be as endearing?

Are we blind to God’s work that is happening right in front of us? Do we overlook the miracles He does because were consumed with self?

Who do I find refuge in? Where do I first run for comfort?

I hope it’s Jesus.


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