Matthew 13

(Matthew 13) – Teaching in Parables

Jesus often taught in parables, and the Scripture says that the reason was to separate those who had ears to hear and those who followed for selfish reasons.

Here are some of the truths I think we can glean from Rabbi Jesus in this chapter…

The soil of an individual’s heart will determine a lot concerning what happens to the sowing of God’s Word to them. Will it bear exponential fruit? Or be taken away by some other means?

Those who trust God will see more and more of His faithfulness. Those who don’t trust Him will recognize it less and less until they feel like God has disappeared from their lives.

The longer a person lives, the more obvious it will become as to whether they belong to God’s kingdom or not.

God can take things that have small beginnings and make them into things that become a BIG blessing to many others.

The best life for God’s people is to come, not now. That is great news. The best life for those who don’t know God is now, and that’s terrible news.

If I have God and nothing else, I have everything.

Knowing God is worth sacrificing everything for, and God’s servants believe that with all their hearts.

There’s only two categories of people at the end of time, the wicked and the righteous. The wicked bring their own righteousness before the Judge, and the righteous bring Christ’s. Only one is accepted.


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