Matthew 15

(Matthew 15) – God’s Word is more important.

We have a tendency to elevate our own traditions to the same level of importance as God’s Word.

We like it when people follow what we say, it gives us a sense of authority and power.

Disobedience to a person’s word is oftentimes a sign of disrespect to their authority.

The Pharisees felt offended when the human traditions that they so highly regarded weren’t being met with the same admiration from Jesus and His disciples.

It’s not that Jesus was being disrespectful, He was just prioritizing His Father’s words over theirs.

You can’t please everybody.

You have to make a choice about who’s worth pleasing in this life. If God, then you must understand that you will frustrate and even anger people at some point.

If your aim is to please people, then you’ll never please God.

Jesus lived to please His Father, that’s what fueled every action.

And our goal should be the same


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