Matthew 16

(Matthew 16) – Warnings and Confessions

Jesus was pretty adamant about the cost of allowing bad teaching into your life.

Just like leaven spreads through the entire loaf of bread, sinful teaching spreads through the entire life of man.

Jesus saw the hearts of the religious leaders for what they really were, and while many were holding them in high esteem, Jesus wanted his followers to stay away from their teaching and example.

The disciples had a hard time understanding this at first, but Jesus always brings clarity to those who seek it.

This chapter is famous for the interaction between Christ and His disciples at Caesarea Philippi. Jesus brings them to a critical moment of understanding…what really matters isn’t what others say about who Jesus is, it’s what you say about who He is.

And whether or not your answer lines up with what Jesus says about Himself…

I’m reminded also that the decision to follow Christ is one I must make every day. There is no neutral position in the Christian life, we’re either advancing or retreating.

Peter was praised for His divine thinking in one moment and rebuked for his demonic thinking in the next.

Oh how we need the Lord.

At the end of the day, the most important and rewarding adventure in life is found in following Jesus, and it’s one I want to choose everyday.


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