Matthew 19

(Matthew 19) – The cost of discipleship.

Sometimes we ask God questions that have really simple answers. We often over complicate things when God’s answers are found right in the pages of Scripture.

And we may have read over them before, but it’s possible that we’ve never read into them.

Truth is hard sometimes, you see the disciples coming to grips with the reality of truth and what it costs, and they’re afraid.

It’s not usually that we can’t understand the answer God gives, it’s more often that we just don’t like it.

After the conversation on marriage, we see Jesus make an important point when the disciples rebuked the children approaching Jesus.

Don’t do anything to stop someone from coming to Jesus.

The children set a great example for discipleship. They bring themselves in full to Jesus and leave everything else behind.

Those with great possessions may desire to hold onto them instead of leaving everything to follow Jesus. They love the things they’ve accumulated from this world.

Salvation, regardless of who’s considering it, is a divine work. With man it’s impossible to achieve, but with God anything is possible.

And for those who walk into that covenant relationship with God, the journey is unbelievable.

To follow Jesus, our sacrifice in this life may be great, but our reward in the next life will be greater.


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