Matthew 23

(Matthew 23) – Inward focus

The indictment against the Pharisees came as a result of their misguided focus on the outward appearance rather than the heart.

They cared more about how things looked rather than how they really were.

They spoke rightly in many cases, but didn’t do the things they said they wanted others to do.

As a communicator of God’s Word, you don’t need to be perfect in an area in order to share truth about that subject, but you do need to be practicing it.

The Pharisees loved the praise of men, they loved being honored and served.

And they loved those things more than they loved God.

Jesus’ response? Woe to you.

A lot could be said about Jesus’ comments here, but suffice it to say that I never want to be living my life in such a way that warrants such comments from the God of the universe.


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