Matthew 26

(Matthew 26) – In awe of Jesus

Do you ever just marvel at Jesus as you read the Gospels? It’s amazing to watch His perfect life unfold.

I can’t get over the massive chasm between His perfect life and my imperfect one. I’m more and more convinced that I would respond NOTHING like Him in these same scenarios.

His unparalleled focus and attention to the mission of God while on the cusp of unprecedented suffering is astounding.

While the religious leaders were plotting to murder Him and exalt themselves, Jesus was showing the disciples the true meaning of love when highlighting a woman’s sacrifice.

Then, while Judas was being a mercenary, Jesus was being a servant. Instead of pushing away the betrayer, He invited him into fellowship.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, He focuses on prayer and teaching.

He could’ve complained, He could’ve fought for what He rightfully deserved, but He joyfully submitted to the Father’s will.

When the disciples were either fighting or retreating, Jesus was healing and bringing peace.

When Jesus was being wrongfully accused, He let truth speak for itself.

And when one of those closest to Him denied that he even knew Him, Jesus would seek him out and restore him.

Because that’s what this Savior does. He’s the only one worth following, the only One worth living and dying for.


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