Matthew 28

(Matthew 28) – He’ll do what He says He’ll do.

So much of our hope and joy in Jesus is in the assurance that He is true to His word. He never goes back on His promise.

And we like to lift up the promises of God that offer great circumstantial benefit, but often push to the side promises like “in this world you will have trouble”

Put that on a coffee mug.

That’s kind of how the disciples seemed to treat Jesus’ promise that He was going to die. They pushed it to the side, didn’t consider what that meant for them, and because of their lack of expectancy, they were surprised when it happened.

It’s important to note, God is faithful to ALL of His promises, not just the ones we like.

In like manner, Jesus had been telling His disciples of His resurrection, and also in like manner, they weren’t expecting it and were surprised.

It’s almost like Jesus meant what He said.

We’re good at hearing selectively, picking and choosing the things we want to hear and suppressing the things that don’t interest us.

But if God says it, it should interest us.

They totally missed the earlier instruction from Christ to go and meet Him in Galilee once He’d risen from the dead (Matthew 26:32). It was there that they’d receive the great commission, the thing they were supposed to do for the rest of their life.

Sometimes we have to listen and be obedient in the small stuff before God gives us the big stuff.

At the end of this book. Jesus gives them the greatest promise they could imagine, the promise to be with them always.

And just like everything else before, He would keep this promise.

And He’ll do it for you too.


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